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with LOVE and LIGHT

Reiki, pronounced Ray Key, literally translates into ”Universal Life Force Energy”. It is a non invasive form of hands on healing system. 

Prana, Chi, Ki, Life Force, ‘The Force’. Every culture has a way of describing a kind of universal energy. Often intangible and even inexplicable, but just as we can't see air or oxygen it does not mean it is not present.

We actually notice and talk about energy all the time; it’s a very normal part of our vocabulary. That feeling when you walk into a room and – before you’ve even seen anyone – you can tell that the people in there have just had an argument:’there was such a bad vibe’. Where does this sensation, this energy come from?


In a reiki session the facilitator channels the Universal Life Force energy into the person, thus promoting healing on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Healing is a way of actively doing something that has a positive effect on the mind and body; something that helps you to ‘regain health’. This might be through relaxation therapies which help to relieve stress and tension, by building up your body’s natural strength and immunity or increasing your energy levels.  We can look at sleep as healing as well as a  healthy diet is healing.

Energy healing comprises of techniques that clear the blocks in your energy flow, positively transform your life and helps you achieve your optimum state of wellbeing.

It is a totally natural and holistic system, where the energy goes to where the problem is in the body. Even if the practitioner just holds the clients shoulders, the energy will still search out the problem areas.

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